KF6PBP's Amateur Radio Microwave Links:

Local Microwave Clubs:
The San Diego Microwave Group
The San Bernardino Microwave Society
The 50MHz and Up Group of Northern California

Places to find articles and information (in addition to the local groups):
Microwave Update 2001
WA1MBA's Homepage
RF Connectors for Upper Frequencies
Waveguide Sizes for Microwave Amateur Radio
Rewinding Coax Relays for 12 Volt Operation
Microstrip retuning by Chuck WB6IGP
Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF
The World Above 1000 MHz
RSGB Microwave Committee
WSWSS Beacon List
CT1DMK's Homepage

Places to buy microwave parts and gear:
SHF Microwave Parts Company
Down East Microwave
Advanced Receiver Research
eBay Online Auctions

General Amateur Radio:
The Amateur Radio Relay League

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