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Sunbeam Alpine Resources

Sunbeam Alpine Rootes Factory Literature

All of the documents below have been processed with Adobe Acrobat's optical character recognition (OCR), so they should be fully searchable.

Workshop Manuals:

If you plan to work on your Alpine, these workshop manuals are essential. They are also a far better resource than the Haynes or Clymer manuals.

Owner's Manuals:

Parts Manuals:

  • Sunbeam Alpine Parts Manual - Includes part numbers and assembly drawings for all Alpine series I, II, III, IV, V. Some other OE part numbers are included as well (eg. Lucas).

Special Tuning Manual:

  • Sunbeam Alpine Series II Special Tuning - A handbook of performance modifications for the Series II Alpine. This handbook was intended to be used in conjunction with several factory performance kits.

Other Technical Information

Wiring Diagrams

FIA Homogolation Forms

Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Paint Colors



The ARCC maintains a directory of Rootes Car Clubs (all makes).

Sunbeam Specialties maintains a page of links to Sunbeam Clubs around the world (may not be up to date).


  • SUNI - Link no longer works as of July 2020.

Forums and Mailing Lists


SAOC maintains a list of suppliers on their website.

  • Sunbeam-specific parts
  • General Parts
    • Wiring and electrical
        • Crimp terminals, Lucas bullet style connectors and tools. I like their quick-disconnect style terminals that include a clear plastic boot to insulate them.
        • They sell an alternator connector that should fit some of the 3-terminal Lucas-style alternators.
    • Gauges, instruments, senders
        • Nisonger rebuilds Smiths, Lucas, and Jaeger gauges and senders, including the early Sunbeam series I-II fuel tank sender.
        • They rebuild speedometers and can re-calibrate the gauge to work with an overdrive unit, even if the car didn't originally have one (or if the OD is from a different series).
        • They can also convert the early mechanical tachometer to electronic.
    • Tires
        • The Maxxis Radial 165/80R13 fits the MWS wire wheel below. It has a narrow 5/8“ whitewall (which can be placed on the inside if you don't want it to show).
    • Wheels
        • Wire wheel XW458 fits the Alpine (4×13”, 60 spokes).
        • These are the wheels that VB sells.
        • The silver-painted version looks great. Shipping to the USA is surprisingly affordable. Ordering direct is likely cheaper than ordering from their distributors in the US!
        • They also sell new hubs, knockoffs, and wire wheel accessories.

Tips and Tricks

  • Part HGGP001-WS “Gas Pump Hose Grommet” from Restoration Specialties can be used in place of the upper petrol tank filler grommet (NLA) on the series I and II. The new grommet needs to be modified by cutting material away from the center so that the opening is large enough to slip it over the filler neck.
  • The valve spring installed heights for the inner and outer springs on the Alpine series V shown in WSM 145 are incorrect. The valve springs for the series 5 are considerably shorter than the series 1-4 and have shorter installed heights. The correct installed heights are given in the Hillman Hunter workshop manual WSM 149.
  • There have been several reports of new rubber timing chain tensioners swelling and failing. Some vendors are claiming this is due to incompatibility of the rubber and “high mileage” motor oils. Some members of the SACOA forum are recommending that we reuse old timing chain tensioners instead of replacing them.
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