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Over the past few years, in the process of getting our car back on the road, I’ve collected a lot of information about the Sunbeam Alpine from various books, websites, forums, and my own hands-on experience. Last week I created a wiki page for the Sunbeam Alpine so that I can make this information available online. My hope is that it will be useful to others who are repairing or restoring these unique cars.

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  1. Hello Jeff, Thanks for the blog info on pipe threads NPT vs. BSPT. Over the years as a mechanical designer for a company building chemical etching equipment for worldwide sales I though I had a handle on the plumbing being used by all. Lucky for us the line pressures hardly ever get above 4 Bar so the use of thread tape has allowed us to inter-mix threads.
    Also being a do-it-yourself odd and old car restorer I liked your other handy tips for making a valve spring tester and the magnetic drain plug. My Citroens have such a plug in the transaxle assembly which is the same size as that of the oil pan of the engine. I make sure I use the magnetic plug for both places.
    Cheers, Stan Smith, PE @ Chemcut Corporation, USA

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